Becky Lynch comments on which WWE wrestlers she considers to be her “in-ring soulmates”

During a book signing for Premiere Collectibles, WWE star Becky Lynch was asked which wrestlers she considers to be her “in-ring soulmates” and here was Becky’s response…

“The very cool thing about that is I think there’s several. You know, I think Charlotte and I obviously have an undeniable chemistry and an undeniable history. And I think no matter how many times myself and Charlotte have wrestled, I think people are always going to want to see more. And another is Bianca Belair. She’s fabulous. I love stepping in the ring with her. Every time we do, I feel like there’s a little bit of magic that happens.

And so, there’s a couple. There’s a couple. I’ve loved beating the bejesus out of Nia Jax also. I’ve loved it. I’ve loved it. I loved leg-dropping her through an announce table on Monday Night Raw, that was fun.” (quotes courtesy of