Becky Lynch comments on where things stand between her and Charlotte Flair following reports of real-life heat

During appearance on the Cheap Heat podcast to promote her memoir Becky Lynch: The Man: Not Your Average Average Girl, WWE star Becky Lynch commented on what she wrote about Charlotte Flair. Becky was asked where things stand between them after reports came out that they had real-life heat and here was her response…

“I think, good. And look, I think in writing this book, at no point, and certainly did not intend to in any way be disparaging against her, and I don’t think I have. I think I’m fair in trying to give her perspective and things. Because I don’t think it’s fair to completely bury somebody in a book, especially in a world that is so subjective, because they don’t have the opportunity to defend themselves. So I talk about our fallouts, but I at least tried to paint it from her perspective as well as from my own.

And working together, yeah, it was easy because I think the undercurrent of all of it, fallouts and all, is love. You get more upset by somebody hurting you if you’ve loved them – or you do love them – than from somebody that you had no relationship with at all. And that is the thing with Charlotte. We were best friends. We were like sisters. Then we fell out, wrestling came between us, then we came back together, then there was the notorious fallout with the titles. But I think throughout all of that, if she ever needed anything, I’d be there for her. And I think if I ever needed anything, she’d be there for me. And I think that trumps all. I think life is too short to hold these animosities for too long. And I think if you hold them too long, they weigh down on you.

There’s just no point in that. We’ve lost some people in the last year, in the last few years, and it just reminds you how precious this life is and how special this thing that we’re doing is. We can have those disagreements. We can have those conflicts and rivalries, and we can not always see eye to eye in business, and that’s what makes business better when people feel like it’s real, but at the end of the day, you got to remind yourself what’s important.”