Becky Lynch comments on Ronda Rousey’s work since returning to WWE

In an interview with Ariel Helwani on BT Sport’s YouTube channel to promote Wrestlemania 38, Becky Lynch commented on Ronda Rousey’s work since making a comeback in WWE…

“In terms of juggling it all look, if anybody who’s able to go out there in front of people, and you’re able to perform in front of people, and you have a baby that’s possibly not sleeping, and you’re traveling and getting out in front of the curtain, you know, that’s juggling it all. Are you excelling at it? That’s a different story.”

“I don’t think she’s returned to that level [since returning]. I think she may have needed a bit more time. Which again, if you have a child and you’re coming back after four months, that is an incredible task and incredible feat. But sometimes you need a bit more time, especially if you haven’t been doing this for years upon years upon years. I don’t know what her headspace is, but I imagine she’s not watching absolutely everything that is wrestling related on TV, that she’s not marinating about it every second of every day when she’s not with her baby, that she’s not talking to her husband on nearly every conversation about how do we make this industry better? How do we make ourselves better? How would this match be better? So I’m just saying, possibly a little bit more time would have been helpful for her. I think she loved it as a fan. I do think she loved it as a fan. So when she came in originally, maybe there was more of a love for it, because she came from that fan’s eyes. Maybe her priorities have shifted to where she knows her baby’s more important. Her baby is always going to be more important. Of course, it is. But maybe she has that love transferred there as opposed to marrying the two loves.” (quotes courtesy of