Becky Lynch comments on how much creative freedom she has in WWE promos

While speaking to former WWE writer Brian Gewirtz and The Rock on Instagram Live, Becky Lynch commented on how much creative freedom she has in WWE promos…

“Thankfully for me, it’s not like that, and it’s not like that for this guy [Seth Rollins]. We get a promo, and sometimes there’ll be lines in it that you have to hit, and they’ll often be the lines that you’re like, ‘That doesn’t sound like she would say that.’ For the most part, we’ve gotten to the point where we’ve gotten enough equity, and we’ve gotten enough trust that we get to write our own promos.”

“It’s collaborative that way when you’ve gotten that equity. I think when you first come up…when I first came up, I was too scared to say anything out of turn. I was like, ‘oh, these are the words on the page. I must say every single word exactly as it is on the page.’ Thankfully it’s not like that anymore.” (quotes courtesy of