Bayley comments on not being booked for WWE Wrestlemania 37

In an interview with, Bayley addressed WWE Wrestlemania 37 and talked about not being booked for the event. Bayley confirmed that her absence is due to the creative process and not an injury…

“I’m sorry guys, it just didn’t happen. Even if there was something, I don’t know if I would tell you guys to spoil it. But yeah, it’s OK. I’ll be here for a long time. I might just jump the barricade and steal my own moment if they won’t give me one. I’ll just steal it.”

“I would have loved to have had a non-title match at WrestleMania. Just a grudge type of match. Something that meant, not more than a title, but was a little deeper than a title. But, there’s always next year. I’m just so happy that more women are going to be represented and I know the two title matches are going to be killer so we can’t really be bummed out about it, we got to look at the bright side I guess.”

Bayley made an appearance on the WWE Hall of Fame broadcast during one of the red carpet segments.

Bayley opens up about WWE’s plans for her at WrestleMania 37

Bayley has been one of WWE’s very top stars for the past 12 months regardless of gender. Her run as SmackDown Women’s champion was a historic one in length and many would argue her partnership with Sasha Banks guided WWE through the Performance Center era of TV.