Baron Corbin addresses his WWE status and says he is “fighting to stay in NXT a little bit”

During an interview with The Angle Podcast, Baron Corbin commented on being part of the WWE NXT brand in recent weeks…

“It’s awesome. We have that mentality when we, to me, it was like, all right, let’s go past everything I’ve done. Let’s make something brand new: the way I move the ring, the way I act in the ring, the way I carry myself. And I was like, but I wanna do it as me. I’ve spent a long time now playing these characters from happy, sad, to the king, like two characters if you’ll, and I was like, man, I just kind of wanna do me for a little bit. And Sean has let me do that, and Bruce is awesome. So it’s really special. I’m gonna take a lot of pride in this because it’s me.”

“I’m still on all three shows, but I am fighting to stay in NXT a little bit because I really just wanna give our audience a good break for me, you know, give them a few months without me driving the nuts. So I would like to personally stay in NXT for a couple more months and just really fine-tune the details of what I’m trying to bring to the people. And I mean, NXT is great, but I’d love to enjoy working with superstars there. They’ve got a lot of energy, a lot of excitement. They love this and it elevates passion, and urgency for what we do. So it’s a fun place to be. They could call me for SmackDown tonight. I don’t know, I dunno what’s happening. But I’m loving.” (quotes courtesy of