Backstage update regarding the ‘rebranding’ of Elias in WWE

Back in August, WWE started airing vignettes that teased a change in the character of Elias. However, the videos stopping airing and Elias hasn’t appeared on television since. Elias hasn’t wrestled since the July 19th 2021 edition of WWE RAW.

Twitter account @WrestleVotes provided an update on Elias and wrote that Vince McMahon didn’t like the makeover that was being developed…

“Interesting note on Elias, source states they had no end plan for graveyard vignettes. Just shot them to kill off the ‘music’ gimmick. His initial rebranding weeks back looked to similar to Randy Savage w/ colorful trunks & beard so Vince & co didn’t like it. Back to square 1.”

Dave Meltzer of noted a few months back that the initial idea was that Elias proved he could entertain but was going to go after championships and prove he could wrestle.