Backstage reaction to the CM Punk and Eddie Kingston segment from AEW Rampage

During his What Happened When podcast, AEW announcer Tony Schiavone talked about the CM Punk and Eddie Kingston segment from the November 5th 2021 edition of Rampage…

“That was amazing TV. I remember I was at the Go position watching and listening. I looked over at, I think it was Dean Malenko. Tony Khan, I’m not so sure he was over two seats from me. I remember looking, saying, ‘This is some entertaining sh*t we got going on here guys.’ Then it was over and then Eddie came to the back. I got up, went over to him, and said, ‘My God.’ He said, ‘Was it good?’ I said, ‘It was fu**ing good.’ He said, ‘That means a lot coming from you.’

I said something to CM Punk too about how great it was. I don’t think on a wrestling promo that you can get better than that. We’ve seen good ones, but I had someone when it was going on said, ‘Is this a shoot?’ I thought wow, that’s when you know it’s good.” (quote courtesy of