Backstage news (spoiler) regarding the identity of AEW’s mysterious “Holo.grm” character

As seen during the July 6th 2024 edition of AEW Collision, a mysterious “Holo.grm” vignette aired of a person jumping into a vortex. Fans have been speculating about who or what the vignette is leading to.

According to Mike Johnson of, the vignette is leading to the debut of a new character that was created by AEW President Tony Khan. Johnson noted that the character will be portrayed by luchador Aramis and the belief is that Masked Republic’s Lucha Libre Agency negotiated his AEW deal.

Johnson also stated the following…

“ is told by numerous sources that this new character was personally devised by Khan, who been said to have been personally excited about putting it together. I am under the belief the new character will be a babyface. There is no word when he will actually physically debut or how many vignettes have been devised.”