Backstage news regarding WWE’s reaction to Liv Morgan being arrested

As previously noted, Liv Morgan was arrested on Thursday for possession of marijuana (not more than 20 grams) and possession of drugs, possibly synthetic cannabinoid. In regards to WWE’s reaction to the arrest, was told that there is “absolutely no heat” on Liv. Mike Johnson of provided additional details…

“We are told that internally within the company, the arrest does not currently appear to have hurt her standing. Morgan’s always been well liked and considered a hard worker and we are told by sources that while they obviously want the situation to be resolved ASAP, it’s not an issue that’s currently going to put her in danger of being released.”

WWE is currently waiting for the legal process to play out and Liv is slated to be officially arraigned in February. According to Johnson, the belief is that WWE has plans for Liv to be in “a high profile program” heading into Wrestlemania 40 and those plans aren’t expected to change for now.

There is a story going around within WWE that the vape pen, which allegedly contained a synthetic substance that Morgan was charged with possession of, actually belonged to another person but had been left in her vehicle. Several top executives were said to have spoken to Liv the day after the arrest.