Backstage news regarding WWE using blood for The Rock’s segment with Cody Rhodes on RAW

As seen during the March 25th 2024 edition of WWE RAW, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson made Cody Rhodes bleed in the show’s final segment. For years under the Vince McMahon regime, the concept of bleeding by usage of a razor blade was banned from the company.

In regards to blood being used again in WWE, Dave Meltzer of noted the following…

“As far as what it all means, we were told that Dwayne Johnson as always will get to do pretty much what he wants. The further he pushes, it’s likely the further at least some of the top stars can with language.

With blood, the key is that this is no longer Vince McMahon’s company. We were told that going forward it will be used very rarely. There are no plans to turn it into AEW where it’s used more liberally.”

It was also stated that if Rock wants to do something in an angle, he has even more power than a person like Brock Lesnar had during McMahon’s regime.