Backstage news regarding why Mercedes Mone signed with AEW instead of making a return to WWE

As seen during the March 13th 2024 “Big Business” edition of AEW Dynamite, Mercedes Mone made her first official appearance as a member of the AEW roster. Mike Johnson of provided some details about what led to Mercedes signing an AEW contract…

* Both WWE and AEW were reportedly willing to commit to contracts that amounted to eight figures in total over the course of the deals. The belief is that Mercedes is now the highest paid female performer in wrestling history with her AEW contract.

* Discussions between Mercedes and AEW were said to have taken place for about 18 months before she officially signed with the company. It’s believed that while talks with WWE happened later, executives there absolutely wanted her back “in the family.”

* It was noted that the final decision had to do with where Mercedes would have the strongest potential not only for herself but for the future of women’s wrestling. Johnson wrote that “we are told by sources that a major part of the decision to go with AEW was that Mone believed that while going back to WWE could have been beneficial, it would have been a return to where she had already been.” It was added that AEW will give Mercedes more freedom and time to work on projects outside of wrestling such as acting.