Backstage news regarding The Elite’s Ghostbusters entrance on AEW Dynamite

As seen on the October 27th 2021 edition of AEW Dynamite, The Elite dressed up in Ghostbusters costumes since this was the final show before Halloween. is reporting that the initial plan was for The Elite to do a Squid Game-style entrance. However, officials from either WarnerMedia or TNT shot down the idea when they heard of the plan.

AEW music producer Mikey Rukus noted that he was asked to come up with music on short notice…

Got the call at 5:30- “we need a ghostbusters type track”

Stuck in Traffic til 6:15pm

Started producing at 6:28

Computer froze at 7:18

Lost 30 minutes of progress

Didn’t panic- reworked, mixed

Delivered at 8:03pm

I Fkn love my job.