Backstage news regarding Shawn Spears aka Tye Dillinger making his return to WWE

As seen during the February 27th 2024 edition of NXT, Shawn Spears aka Tye Dillinger made his return to the company. Spears was revealed as the man behind the “three faces” vignettes and according to Fightful Select, one source stated that he had been signed to WWE for some time prior to the first vignette airing. AEW sources had indicated to Fightful that Spears was let out of his AEW contract early.

WWE made an effort to keep Spears’ return a surprise as he was hidden backstage. Fightful noted the following…

“Few in NXT were aware of Spears’ return, with one talent noting it was a ‘complete shock’. As of 8pm EST, Spears was not listed on internal documents, nor was anyone else listed for Ridge Holland’s promo. In terms of rehearsals, Shawn Michaels would fill Spears’ role in rehearsals with Holland.”

Spears was said to be been received well backstage following his return. Spears will be using his real name and not Tye Dillinger for this run. Spears has a new bio on that states the following…

“With a steel chair in hand, Shawn Spears is back in NXT with unfinished business.

The Niagara Falls native always backs up his self-assured demeanor with a deliberate approach inside the ring that has earned him the respect of the locker room and the NXT Universe alike.

No matter his competition, Spears always poses a threat. Armed with an encyclopedic knowledge of holds, the aforementioned steel chair, and the discipline needed to apply them flawlessly, it’s hard to argue that this NXT Superstar is anything less than perfect when it comes to in ring competition.”