Backstage news regarding Roman Reigns having a singles match against Sami Zayn

As previously noted, unified WWE world champion Roman Reigns will be reportedly be facing Sami Zayn at the WWE Elimination Chamber PLE on February 18th 2023 in Montreal, Canada. Dave Meltzer of wrote the following regarding the match taking place at the Chamber event instead of Wrestlemania 39…

“This has been the planned main event for the show since probably October and certainly early November. The program getting so hot didn’t result in a change.”

In regards to why the United States title is being defended inside the Chamber, Meltzer noted how “the feeling is that Reigns vs. Zayn is so hot it doesn’t matter what is on the rest of the show.” Reigns added that Zayn winning the title from Reigns was “absolutely was not in the plans as of last week.”

The Reigns/Zayn angle has been a success for WWE on social media. The YouTube video of Zayn hitting Reigns with a steel chair has 2.2 million views as of Tuesday afternoon.