Backstage news regarding Bray Wyatt’s success in WWE since returning to the company

According to Mike Johnson of, Bray Wyatt is currently being positioned as the top babyface on the WWE Smackdown brand with Drew McIntyre in the second spot. Johnson noted that WWE is “thrilled” with Wyatt’s return so far and he has reportedly been the company’s top merchandise seller in recent weeks.

Johnson also wrote the following…

“The company is especially happy with the buzz from all the interactive ‘White Rabbit’ material leading to Bray’s return and will be looking to do similar content in future storylines, even for others beyond Bray Wyatt if and when the time is right and it fits a storyline. There were a number of people who pushed for such content in the past but it was never authorized under the old regime, but until the Paul Levesque [Triple H] vision for creative, that has changed.”

As previously noted, there has been talk of a “Wyatt 6” faction being formed with wrestlers playing the roles of Firefly Funhouse members.