Backstage news regarding AEW not going through with a “hard” roster split for Collision’s debut

AEW President Tony Khan stated last week that he hasn’t “drawn any hard lines” or locked the company into any kind of split of a roster. Fightful Select did note that as far back as a month ago, there were “preparations and details” sent out to indicate that there would be two distinct rosters for Collision and Dynamite but there would be exceptions made such as when it came to title holders. There were reportedly mixed reactions from the AEW locker room to the idea of a “hard” split.

Fightful stated the following…

“Originally planned for a hard split, some on the roster were then told it’d be a softer split, before being told there would be some natural sharing between the rosters. WBD [Warner Brothers Discovery] sources we spoke to said that they preferred no split, but under the right circumstances, anything could work.”

In May, a trademark was filed for the term “Transfer Portal” that would have seemingly been used for the proposed split. A “Transfer Portal” is when a pool of collegiate athletes seek transfer from one school to another.