Backstage details regarding Rob Van Dam’s match against Jack Perry on AEW Dynamite

As seen during the August 9th 2023 edition of AEW Dynamite, Rob Van Dam lost to Jack Perry in an FTW title match. In an interview with Denise Salcedo, RVD gave some backstage details regarding the match…

“They’ve had this planned for quite a while actually, it was towards the beginning of the year when I started getting phone calls seeing if I was interested and even available, which it’s pretty remarkable that so many months later, the first dates that were mentioned were the exact same dates that it fell upon so that tells me a lot about how far ahead these guys think. Just like with anything, it’s not real until it happens and that’s how I took it.”

“What was really cool about Jack Perry is that he really wanted this match. He was a real fan, maybe of the whole hardcore, extreme style or whatever so it was a really organic fit. If it was just like thrown together, which a lot of matches are, every match is a compromise of what two completely different people bring together, you make the stew, you both got your own ingredients. Sometimes it’s good, when you’re RVD, it’s always good. With Jack being extra excited about this particular match, that just made it that much better.” (quotes courtesy of Skylar Russell)