Backstage argument reportedly takes place following the main event of WWE RAW on 7/10/23

As seen during the July 10th 2023 edition of WWE RAW, The Judgment Day defeated Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn, and Seth Rollins in the show’s main event. Mike Johnson of PWInsider.com was told by multiple sources that an argument took place after the match between the participants.

Johnson noted the following about the situation…

“We are told the brunt of the issue was how the match went as there were apparently some spots that didn’t go as initially planned and were ‘clunky’ with two sources placing the blame on the fact that aspects of the match were changed ‘at the last literal second’ and one source placing the blame on one talent who they didn’t want to name to ‘not make the Internet go insane.'”

Johnson added that while there were frustration about the match, the argument was never close to getting physical.