Austin Theory gets into a heated exchange with reporter that refers to wrestling as “fake”

During a media appearance to promote the 2024 WWE Elimination Chamber PLE in Perth, Australia, Austin Theory got into a heated exchange with The West Australian’s editor-in-chief Anthony De Ceglie. Here is what was said…

De Ceglie: “I mean, it’s fake [wrestling]. Like, you’re not actually hitting each other.”

Theory: “You brought me here and you’re going to talk to me like this? Just cause you’re in charge of some sh*t doesn’t mean you can talk to me like this. You’re saying what I do is easy and you’re in front of all of your people talking about my job is easy. You couldn’t walk a damn day in my shoes. Are you kidding me man? I will smack the sh*t outta you right now. I’m not playing around. Y’all bring me all the way out here for some media and this guy is talking his f*cking head off. What’s his problem dude?”