At least two wrestlers reportedly prefer Vince McMahon running WWE over Triple H

During his audio show on, Wade Keller noted that at least two wrestlers he spoke with prefer Vince McMahon running WWE over Triple H and are “at least happy Vince was back contributing to creative.” Keller said the following…

“The wrestlers who are more sympathetic or okay with or even somewhat happy with Vince returning — the wrestlers I talked to directly like Vince better but they also indicated [that] they are not alone [and] that there are people who are happy Vince is back. It’s natural that some wrestlers would think that they were getting a better push under Vince McMahon than Paul Levesque because every booker is gonna have their favorites that they like a little more than others and those people get a boost and others will be like, hey, I think I was in a better position under Vince. Some of it is just that. It’s purely based on self-interest that they were getting a better push.”

“One person I asked said they think that Vince McMahon is more focused on building strong babyfaces and Paul Levesque has more of a focus, and an interest, in building heels…” (quotes courtesy of

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