Asuka responds to Nia Jax’s WWE return being questioned by some people

As seen during the September 11th 2023 edition of WWE RAW, Nia Jax made her surprise return to the company. Some people have been questioning WWE’s decision to bring Nia back due to her history of hurting other wrestlers such as Kairi Sane.

Asuka addressed the comments and came to Nia’s defense via Twitter/X…

“That question [if WWE made the right decision] is rude and bullying. You’re hurting her heart with this question. Are you really a person with a heart? If someone who has not been directly harmed by her denies her, I will fight the society for her. If I am criticized for it, I don’t care 🫵🤮”

“Wrestlers fight knowing that there is a possibility of injury. Kairi doesn’t blame anyone for her injuries. She is not stupid. But are you a victim?”