Ashley Massaro claimed that Vince McMahon sexually preyed on female wrestlers in previously unreleased statement

After former WWE star Ashley Massaro’s death in 2019, an affidavit was made public where she alleged WWE covered up that she was sexually assaulted while on a military base in 2007. Tim Marchman of has uncovered a previously unpublished statement in which Massaro claimed that McMahon sexually preyed on female wrestlers and she was punished for rejecting his advances.

Here is an excerpt from the Vice article…

“The statement was given to her lawyers as they worked up a sworn affidavit, published shortly after her death, in which she said she was raped on a military base while in Kuwait on a WWE tour and that management covered it up. The attorneys ultimately left it out because it wasn’t relevant to central claims in the lawsuit in which they were representing her, which concerned concussions.

‘I felt extraordinarily uncomfortable,’ Massaro said, describing what she said were McMahon’s attempts to get her to come to his hotel room alone late at night. ‘He began calling the hotel room phone and my cell phone nonstop.'”

WWE Wrestler Ashley Massaro Accused Vince McMahon of Sexually Preying on Wrestlers in Previously Unreleased Statement​

In a statement obtained by VICE News, Massaro accused the WWE founder of predation and of retaliating against her for rejecting his advances.