Aron Stevens (Damien Sandow) makes announcement regarding his “swan song”

Former WWE star Aron Stevens (Damien Sandow) made the following announcement via Instagram…

“THIS IS IT !!!!

🎟! Just announced! Trevor Murdoch has accepted a challenge from Aron Stevens at #ALWAYZREADY for Stevens’ (final?) match… what he is calling his ‘Swan Song!’ See below 👇

Aron regarding the swan song: “This match against Trevor Murdoch at #ALWAYZREADY, My Swan song as it were, not only marks the finale of an unparalleled wrestling career but the dawn of a new age. When I first left wrestling, the business experienced one of the biggest lulls in its history. Since returning, my presence has not only proven a blessing to fans everywhere but the entire industry has been better off because I was a part of it. After June 11th I will keep the wrestling fans, all staff, the competitors, and the entire industry in my thoughts and prayers going forward as they all proceed without me. Thank you “

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