Ariel Helwani calls Tony Khan interview “one of the most frustrating” of his career

Ariel Helwani of, who interviewed AEW President Tony Khan last week, spoke about the interview during this week’s edition of The MMA Hour

“Look, whatever I’m going to say here is going to piss off the AEW supermarks, but I’ll just say this one of the most frustrating and to a degree, not so fun interviews of my career, because, as you may have seen, he didn’t want to answer anything. Now, look like you’re going to come on and promote X, Y and Z. Great. And I’ll play that dance with you, and I did at the beginning, but you got to give us something. To not even tell me, like how you were feeling. I’m not asking for specifics on all right, fine. I asked. Is CM Punk gonna wrestle for you? Is he coming back? You don’t want to get into it, fine. But just tell me how you were feeling. Give me something.”

“My feeling on that interview, in short, was, this is me just shooting right here. I feel like Tony Khan doesn’t trust me. I feel like he doesn’t really like me. And I feel like he came in there with his guard super up and didn’t want to give me any sort of morsel because he thought that if he opened the door a little bit, I would walk in and ask X-Y-Z. And I tried to tell his people, like, yo, I have no allegiances to anyone. So I work for the British Broadcaster of WWE. So what? What do you think I’m going to do? You think I’m going to come at him and hit him over the head with a steel chair? What are we talking about here? So, I don’t know. Didn’t really enjoy it. Frustrating.”

You can check out the video clip below…