Anthony Ogogo talks about what made him lose interest in watching WWE RAW

During an interview with WrestlingInc.com, AEW star Anthony Ogogo talked about the company’s new show Rampage and why he’s happy it didn’t become the 3rd hour of Dynamite. Ogogo mentioned the “other show” (WWE RAW) being three hours and how that made him lose interest in the show…

“We want a company of stars. We want a company full of dream matches between all of us. So the more we can all get over and the more time we have, the better. And I think it’s great that Tony Khan has gone for the third hour being a whole separate show instead of a three hour wrestling show. Because when the other place went to a three hour wrestling show, that’s when I stopped watching really. Or I stopped watching as intently, I don’t watch anymore.

When I was going to make a bridge from boxing to wrestling I was watching all the wrestling everywhere. Because I wanted to become a wrestler so I had to watch it to know what to become. And when they got the three hours, I didn’t watch it as fervently because it’s too long. Two hours is the perfect time for a wrestling TV show. It’s exciting, it’s action packed and the third one hour show will be even more exciting. Even more action packed with all the same talent and half the time to fit it in. So it’s good, it’s going to be really good.”