Another Impact Wrestling personality backs up Gisele Shaw’s story about Rick Steiner

As previously noted, transgender wrestler and Impact Wrestling star Gisele Shaw claimed that WWE Hall of Famer Rick Steiner made derogatory comments towards her. Impact referee Daniel Spencer backed up Shaw’s story and so did Impact personality Gia Miller with the following statement via Twitter…

“For the people that demand witnesses? Fine. I am the other talent she spoke to. And I walked with her, arm in arm, and looked straight into Rick’s face as he called her an ‘freak’ and a ‘piece of trash’ and ‘a dude.’

I am only ONE of the people that saw this happen.

What would this beautiful, talented woman who already has a fulfilling career have to gain from holding someone accountable? This isn’t about canceling anyone, it’s about not letting crappy people get away with being hateful to other humans.

And let it be known, I do not want this situation to be made about me. I am a cis woman that has never had to experience the struggles, discrimination, and hate that trans women experience on a daily basis.

Gisele is my sister. I will always stand up for her.

Putting my phone down for the rest of the day, but I want to leave you all with this:

Be kind to EVERYONE. Regardless if they are kind or not, all humans are deserving of basic decency. Be the light that you want to see in the world.”