Andrade addresses his creative direction in AEW and contract with the company

AEW star Andrade El Idolo did an interview for the Más Lucha YouTube channel. Andrade said the following (translated from Spanish) regarding his AEW status…

“Right now I feel a little stagnant. I feel like I want more. I feel like although I have a good contract, the schedule is good. I like the schedule because WWE was inhuman, it was quite a lot. People cannot imagine, they think because he is fighting on TV, it is the only time he fights. There are non-televised matches in other cities, other countries. Right now it’s difficult because I want more. I feel like I want more now that Rush is back. It’s the pressure that we want more.” (quote courtesy of

Twitter user @MicromanFever provided a recap of the interview highlights…

* They are hyping the mask/release match first. Then said he’s happy to see Rush get in the company. He did everything he could to get him in.

* Andrade said Ric Flair’s appearance was Konnan’s idea at first, but AAA put up nothing to make it happen. He did it for Andrade. He still dislikes AAA and says they still owe him for that favor. He was really nervous about working the last match in front of all those names. Felt responsible for anything bad that could have happened.

* Andrade asked about how happy he feels in AEW. He starts troll laughing. He thought he would grow in AEW. Says it’s a great contract and schedule. But he feels stuck in his career there. Triple H was a big supporter of his during his WWE stay. Thankful for him. He can’t communicate directly with him but can through Charlotte. Still is with AEW.

* If he were to be free again. He would not want to return to Mexico. Thinks it’s a step back. When he left WWE, he talked with AAA but never agreed on terms for regular work. Later Konnan threw him a proposal to work the 3 triplemanias in conjuction w/AEW.

* Andrade said he wanted to work new people when he left WWE. Work all these different companies. The idea was the Ospreay match, but CMLL stuck out their foot. Andrade respects NJPW/CMLL in that decision. But found it awkward that the Lucha Bros worked NJPW people later on.

* Andrade says he had a confrontation with Sammy Guevara after he cried backstage about hitting him too hard. Andrade settled it with words and it didn’t amount to anything.