An investigation is reportedly underway into sexual assault allegation made by Matt Riddle

As previously noted, Matt Riddle claimed that he was “sexually assaulted” by a New York City airport officer but then deleted his Instagram post. According to a report on, an investigation is now underway. TMZ provided updated details about the situation…

“Law enforcement sources tell us Port Authority officers got a call for a disorderly person who was deplaning, and they met him in the terminal. As it turns out, that was Riddle. We’re told the cops talked to MR — as well as other witnesses — and he seemed apologetic in the moment. No police report was filed, and everyone was free to go without incident.

It’s because of this that our sources say the Port Authority was shocked by Riddle’s claim … as, from their view, nothing went down to warrant such an accusation. Still, we’re told the department is taking his claim seriously … and an internal probe has been launched.”