Amanda Huber writes “appreciation post” about Tyler Breeze

Amanda Huber, the wife of the late Jon Huber aka Brodie Lee, wrote the following on Instagram in regards to Tyler Breeze being released from WWE

“@mmmgorgeous appreciation post.

One of my favorite people aka my ‘oldest son’

You won’t ever find a harder working or more optimistic person.

Over the course of our friendship I don’t think I’ve ever watched someone grow so much.

We’ve managed to help talk each other thru the worst of our lives. Him, @theshawnspears & @cassielee were some of the only people who knew from the start when Jon got sick. They listened to me cry so many nights.

One the morning Jon passed away, I let him know that it was going to happen. His reply was ‘I’m getting in the car now’ along with Spears & Cassie. They didn’t even give me a chance to argue. They showed up and stayed with Jon while I spoke to Brodie. They made sure Jon was never alone that day. That I was never alone in going thru everything. I’m forever grateful for them. Friends who are by your side thru thick and thin. Friends who remind you that you’re never alone.

I can’t wait to see the amazing things you do Breezy.

And if you’re not already doing so, follow @flatbackstraining where you can learn from some of the best wrestlers (and best human beings) I’ve ever met.”