Amanda Huber makes clarification regarding when Brodie Lee’s health started to decline

October 7th 2021 was the one-year anniversary of Brodie Lee’s final match where he dropped the TNT Title to Cody Rhodes in a dog collar match on AEW Dynamite. Lee’s widow Amanda Huber commented on the anniversary and made a clarification…

One year ago 💔

Since there’s some confusion/misinformation

1)They didn’t take the belt off because he was sick
2)This match had nothing to do with him getting sick. I asked. I was desperate for answers
3)He didn’t show symptoms until about 2 weeks later(things progressed FAST)

Amanda also wrote about her son…

So I occasionally see comments online how I should just let Brodie be a kid and not force him around wrestling.

When I say wrestling is everything to him, it is.

He told me he spent his free time in school drawing gear for when he’s older. Today he brought them home 😭😭😭

For anyone wondering

Gems include: Black Panther Gear, @MapleLeafs gear with “Brodie 93” on the back, Starlord gear, and @orangecassidy gear

And my personal favorite (that makes me feel like I’m doing right as a mom)

Pride Gear Loudly crying faceLoudly crying faceLoudly crying faceLoudly crying faceRainbow flagRainbow flag