All of Vince McMahon’s remaining TKO (WWE parent company) shares are now registered for sale

According to a new filing published on Friday evening, 8,021,405 TKO shares that still belong to Vince McMahon have been registered for sale. In addition to that, 234,424 shares held by WWE President Nick Khan and another 3,508 shares held by TKO Board member Steve Koonin are also registered for sale. wrote that “registering the shares for sale allows the public to buy them and therefore might allow McMahon, Khan, and Koonin to get a better deal and to complete any transactions with less administrative friction.” Wrestlenomics also noted that while the shares are registered for sale, it doesn’t necessarily mean that Vince will be selling them all although he might.

The filing states the following…

This prospectus relates to the resale of up to 8,258,887 shares of our Class A common stock by the selling stockholders named in this prospectus or their permitted transferees.

On September 12, 2023, World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc., a Delaware corporation (“WWE”) and Endeavor Group Holdings, Inc., a Delaware corporation (“Endeavor”), consummated the business combination of the businesses of WWE and TKO Operating Company, LLC (“TKO OpCo”), which owns and operates the Ultimate Fighting Championship (“UFC”), pursuant to the transaction agreement (the “transaction agreement”), by and among Endeavor, Endeavor Operating Company, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company and subsidiary of EDR (“Endeavor OpCo”), TKO OpCo, WWE, TKO Group Holdings, Inc. (f/k/a New Whale Inc.), a Delaware corporation (“TKO Group Holdings”), and Whale Merger Sub Inc., a Delaware corporation and wholly owned subsidiary of TKO Group Holdings (“Merger Sub”).

We are registering the offer and sale from time to time of shares covered by this prospectus pursuant to such stockholders’ registration rights under a registration rights agreement between us and such stockholders. Subject to any contractual restrictions on them selling the shares of our Class A common stock they hold, the selling stockholders may offer, sell or distribute all or a portion of their shares of our Class A common stock publicly or through private transactions at prevailing market prices or at negotiated prices. We will not receive any of the proceeds from the sale of the shares of our Class A common stock owned by the selling stockholders. We will bear all costs, expenses and fees in connection with the registration of these shares of our Class A common stock, including with regard to compliance with state securities or “blue sky” laws. The selling stockholders will bear all commissions and discounts, if any, attributable to their sale of shares of our Class A common stock.