Alexander Wolfe comments on WWE releasing wrestlers due to “budget cuts”

During an interview with, Alexander Wolfe talked about his impending departure from WWE and “budget cuts” being used as the reason for releases…

“I got a call from WWE on Wednesday and was told that my contract was not extended. It wasn’t officially a dismissal because my contract expires on June 15th. From then on I am no longer a wrestler for World Wrestling Entertainment. Strangely, it hit me less hard than I expected. I’m quite relaxed and happy, I don’t feel like pitying myself. First of all, I am generally a positive person, secondly, I can look back on six wonderful years at WWE with great and unique experiences, thirdly, I have had a plan B for a long time, which I am now tackling – and I also have little time to complain about it. because I have to organize a big move within four weeks, move furniture, cancel subscriptions, all the bells and whistles. It goes on and I am in good spirits that I can now apply everything I have learned elsewhere, where it is just as appreciated – maybe even more.”

“The reason I was given was the pandemic time that savings are still necessary due to the global event restrictions. Well, that’s better than no reason at all, but ultimately you know: WWE makes so much money that no firing is really mandatory. But it is what it is. The machine continues to run, the parts are replaced. I see, that’s the business. I can say so much: I am proud of what I have achieved. I know I could have achieved more, but in a league like WWE you don’t have everything in your own hands. You have to control what you can control, I don’t think I can blame myself in that regard.” (translated from German using Google Translate)

Alexander Wolfe nach WWE-Aus im SPORT1-Interview: Das plant er nun

Er war der erste deutsche Champion bei WWE, Teil der Grupperiung Imperium um das österreichische Phänomen WALTER – nun aber ist Alexander Wolfes Karriere in der größten Wrestling-Liga vorbei. Axel Tischer, wie der Dresdner Showkämpfer bürgerlich heißt, war in dieser Woche von einer Reihe personeller Einschnitte im NXT-Kader der Promotion betroffen, sein auslaufender Vertrag wird nicht verlängert, er muss WWE verlassen.