Alexa Bliss gets involved in Twitter exchange between Athena and Jade Cargill

Athena and Jade Gargill, who have been feuding on AEW television, exchanged words via Twitter on Thursday. It started when Gargill commented on a photo of Athena and made reference to Mandy Rose. As previously noted, Athena vented in an interview that there was a meeting in NXT about “how to dress like Mandy Rose.”

Here was the exchange between Cargill and Athena…

Cargill: “You ask me. You look rather ‘Mandy-ish’. I thought you weren’t trying to be sexy? 🫠 got close to a REAL goddess and seen you have to switch it up! 😘👑 but you guys want this woman to take my spot? Bitch GTFOH.”

Athena: “.@Jade_Cargill that’s real rich coming from someone who’s also buff blonde… Mandy & Charlotte are already taken. Move on hussy. I hope you keep that same energy next time I see you… #AndNew #FallenGoddess”

Alexa Bliss then chimed in…

“I’d love to get mad at someone who’s coming after my bestie… but I’m still trying to figure out who the heck they even are … ? @AthenaPalmer_FG”