Alexa Bliss calls out people that are sending death threats and impersonating her

There have been multiple instances of Alexa Bliss responding to harassing messages from fans on social media over the past year. In 2020, Alexa briefly locked her Twitter account due to fans harassing her. In 2021, Alexa was dealing with a Twitter stalker named Albert Little 666 who was sending threatening tweets to her fiance Ryan Cabrera. The account ended up being suspended by Twitter.

On Saturday, Alexa once again addressed her social media concerns…

“On Twitter & I really hate that this needs to be said AGAIN – NO, you are not talking to me on any other social outlet, NO- you do not get DMs from a “personal acct” from me, NO – we are NOT dating, NO- I am not asking for $$ – & death threats 2 me & my fiancé are NOT OK

Whoever you are communicating with pretending to be me IS NOT ME. Do not continue communication

More importantly- AGAIN death threats are NOT OK”