Alexa Bliss and Rhea Ripley’s Cameo videos sell out while Charlotte struggles

To promote the Hell in a Cell PPV, WWE teamed up with the website Cameo which provides personalized video messages from celebrities. Here is what was written on Cameo’s website…

“From June 11th to June 20th WWE® Superstars like Shawn Michaels, Alexa Bliss, Rey Mysterio, Bianca Belair and Seth Rollins are completing Cameos for the first 10 requests. So don’t waste any time and request today! Don’t forget Hell In A Cell is LIVE on Peacock in the US and WWE Network elsewhere on Sunday, June 20th!”

As of the evening of Wednesday, June 16th, here were the amount of Cameo videos that had been sold…

Alexa Bliss – 10/10 (Sold out at $600 each)
Drew McIntyre – 10/10 (Sold out at $450 each)
Rhea Ripley – 10/10 (Sold out at $350 each)
Shawn Michaels – 9/10 ($750 each)
Rey Mysterio – 4/10 ($350 each)
Nia Jax – 4/10 ($200 each)
Cesaro – 4/10 ($200 each)
Bianca Belair – 3/10 ($250 each)
Sami Zayn – 2/10 ($200 each)
Bobby Lashley – 1/10 ($300 each)
Kevin Owens – 1/10 ($350 each)
Seth Rollins – 1/10 ($450 each)
Charlotte Flair – 0/10 ($350 each)

Here are a few of Alexa Bliss’ Cameo videos which were shared on Twitter…