Alberto Del Rio says he is innocent of sexual assault and aggravated kidnapping charges

In an interview with the Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling podcast, former WWE star Alberto Del Rio talked about the sexual assault and aggravated kidnapping legal case against him…

“I’m in fantastic shape. I went back in shape. Let’s be honest. Last year was not a good year for me. It was a horrible year for me. Thank God everything is coming together, and everything is working in my favor. We’re pretty close to having this ridiculous thing dismissed pretty soon. Obviously, the collateral damage after what happened was horrible. It took a toll on my entire family, me, and my body. I got depressed in a horrible way. I gained a lot of weight last year. Nobody has ever seen me that way, and I didn’t take a picture. I don’t want anyone to see me the way I was last year at 280 pounds. Then after the discoveries, and after all the evidence was presented, there was zero evidence, nothing, nothing, nothing, zero, nothing that could prove those allegations were real.

I started to see things differently. The motor of my life, my mentor, my idol, my father, the legend Dos Caras came to me and said, ‘Hey, start to get up from that couch and do what you do best and perform. People still want you, they still need you, and they still want to see Alberto. It’s just you and your mind letting the haters pin you down. You’re not down. You’re letting them do it. That’s not my son. I raised a fighter. I raised one of the best fighters. Get up and fight for your things. Fight for what? Fight for what was taken from you in a bad way. You will get it back, and you will get it back quick.’ Thank God, with support from the fans, an amazing thank you to the fans, and thank you to all the haters, because your hate made me go back to the gym, get back in fantastic shape, and perform. The true fans, the fans going to the arenas buying tickets and buying the product, those fans supporting and packing those buildings, I’ve done five appearances since I started two or three months ago, and they were completely sold out. I want to say thank you all. Yes, I’ve had one or two smart a**es, dumb a**es, saying nasty comments to me, but it is what it is.

I’m no one to say if the legal process in different countries is right or wrong, but in my humble opinion, I think when somebody accuses you, they should run the whole investigation before they go and put those charges against anyone. Unfortunately, these days for us known characters, known people, celebrities, whatever you want to call us, for us it’s so difficult because these days, known people are guilty right away. We are guilty until we prove our innocence. There is no such thing as you’re innocent until they prove you guilty. There is no such thing for us known people or celebrities. It has been difficult, but everything is working in my favor including my ex-fiance going out there and withdrawing the charges a long time ago, talking to the D.A.’s office, talking to the authorities, and telling them, ‘I was just hating this man. He took my dreams and hopes of marrying him. We had our own house, our own bed, and I was angry. I just wanted revenge.’

I don’t know if I should say thank you because she did this to my life. I don’t know if I can say thank you. I guess I have forgiven her. I have forgiven myself for being unfaithful and destroying our dreams and hopes of being married one day, but it’s not fair. It’s not fair because it’s so easy. Then of course, the internet, social media, they just go and destroy you when they don’t even really know what happened. They don’t even understand that this is just some allegations. You having those charges against you doesn’t mean that you did it. It means that somebody accused you. That’s it, and they still have to prove it. When it comes to me, there is zero evidence, nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing. I trust my lawyers. I trust the law in the United States. I respect the law and trust the law in the United States of America, and the greatest state of Texas. They’re doing the right thing. They’re investigating and doing the right thing.

Hopefully, this will be dismissed pretty soon. If not, we’re ready. We have nothing to fear. At least, again, she withdrew the charges. She’s talked to the D.A.’s office. She posted a public apology out there, but what is sad for me is that nobody said anything. When this horrible thing happened, everybody talked about it. Everybody. Headlines and front pages, but the moment that the news was he was not intoxicated, drug tests came completely clean, no alcohol, no drugs, no nothing. She withdrew the charges and apologized, and nobody said anything. Thank you to all the media that is out there to tell the truth and not just get more likes or views and followers. Yes, I get it. The world is changing, and we’re working for the likes, the views, and the followers, but come on guys. Sometimes we destroy people’s lives. When it comes to me, that’s exactly how it happened.” (quote courtesy of