Alberto Del Rio on possibly working for WWE or AEW: “I deserve to be in a major company”

During an interview with Steve Fall of NBC Sports Boston, Alberto Del Rio commented on the possibility of working for AEW or returning to WWE…

“I would be interested in going to AEW, or any major company… I deserve to be in a major company. Once it has been proven that I was always telling the truth about those things, I know, I don’t think…. I know I deserve to be out there to continue entertaining and to rebuild my legacy in the business that I love I would love to be in working for any major company.”

“They (AEW)….. I haven’t talked to any anyone in that company. I have talked to people in from other companies, but not from from AEW. I have really good friends over there like Phil… CM Punk and he is one of my friends in the business and Chris Jericho he was always nice to me and we always had a good relationship while we were working for WWE. I know all the others and we always got along with Daniel Bryan, Jack Swagger and many others from the indy circuit.” (quotes courtesy of