Alberto Del Rio issues statement regarding Triple H’s retirement from wrestling

As previously noted, Triple H confirmed that he will never wrestle again due to his recent health problems.

In a video published by Lucha Libre Online, Alberto Del Rio commented on Triple H’s announcement. Here is a transcription from Spanish to English via the outlet…

“In the past the difference in personalities didn’t allowed us to have the best of the relationships. However, only with wisdom we can recognize when we commit a mistake, and understand that we can amend those errors. I’ve always respected your person and your legacy. Yes, that great legacy that you left all of us wrestlers, fans, and the industry. That industry that you gave so much for it.”

“You’ve been involved (in the wrestling industry) 100% to pass that torch and make sure that the whole business can keep running for many years to come. Triple H, I’m really happy to know that you’re safe at home with your family, and loved ones. Happy to know that life and God allow you to be beside your daughters and do what we love most in life, beings parents. It makes me sad to know that you’re going to hang up your wrestling boots. However, we understand that this is the best for you, your family and your health. I only want to take a minute to say… God Bless you. Hope that we can cross pathways again.”