Alberto Del Rio comments on possibly joining AEW now that Saraya works there

During an appearance on The Wrassingh Show, Alberto Del Rio was asked about possibly joining AEW now that his ex-girlfriend Saraya works there…

“When it comes to the company, AEW, if they want to do business with me, I will be more than happy to do if. If they don’t, again, I will continue doing what I’m doing right now, producing our show, taking our company to the next level and work for those major corporations that have given me the opportunity to work with them.”

“That’s not up to me. It’s just like the WWE, it’s their decision. Everybody knows the truth, I already talked about it as well and you know, I said it – ‘Don’t put my name an your lips again because if you do, I am gonna expose you for what you are.’ I have no intentions on doing that, I have no intentions on entertaining the internet again. I am pretty sure she doesn’t want to do that because we both have a lot of things to lose. She’s working, I’m happy that she’s working, I am happy that she moved on with her life and I do too.”

“You know, I am working for big corporations, good business, I am doing well, I have no interest in affecting anyone’s life but as I mentioned months ago, ‘If you dare. You or your family dare to mess up with me again, I will put all those videos and no, I am not talking about private or nasty videos,” he said. “No, No.. the videos of you! Being you! And all the police reports and all that stuff that is out there, that is real. So, just stay where you are. ‘Thank you God’ because you have a fantastic job, enjoy your moment, enjoy your time and do what you do best because she is one of the best ones when it comes to performing in the ring so just leave the past in the past and continue doing what you’ve been doing in the last three, four years because I’m doing the same and I want things to stay that way. Again, no interest in affecting anyone’s life but don’t mess with me again’ and this goes for everybody, don’t mess with me again and this time I’m gonna defend myself and I’m gonna show everybody the truth about how things were.” (quotes courtesy of