AJ Styles addresses a potential return to TNA Wrestling as part of WWE crossover

WWE star AJ Styles did an interview with Cultaholic.com and here are the highlights…

Goals before retirement: “Have fun, like enjoy every moment of it. Being in front of incredible fans, like a lot of times, especially during COVID, you realize how much the fans meant to you. And I know this sounds really cliche and stuff like that. And listen, I’m a bad guy. I’m not supposed to be saying this. But when you experience something that we experienced wrestling in front of no one, it sucked in. So we need the fans as much as they need us when it comes to entertainment.”

A potential return to TNA Wrestling as part of WWE crossover: “Well, I would say that, hopefully, something like that happens. It’s good for not only for talent in WWE to go to TNA and TNA go to the WWE, but it’s better for the younger talent to get into the ring with some people who have different styles. It’s very important that we are well-rounded, and you can’t do that all in NXT. So the fact that we’re going to be able to do that somewhere else is great.” (quotes courtesy of WrestlingNews.co)