AEW’s Kenny Omega said to be doing “much better” after being diagnosed with diverticulitis

In December of 2023, Kenny Omega announced that he was out of action “indefinitely” with what was reported as diverticulitis. During an interview with SportsGrid, AEW President Tony Khan commented on Omega’s recovery…

“We were all very worried about him. He’s doing better but you know, he was seriously sick and his life could have been threatened had he not gotten to the Doctors when he had. He was really sick and he’s thankfully doing much better and you know, we’re always wishing Kenny the best, and hoping and looking forward to seeing Kenny Omega back in AEW as soon as he’s healthy.”

In late January of 2024, Bryan Alvarez of stated the following about Omega during Wrestling Observer Live

“I was told that one of the things with Kenny’s deal was that they had to pump him full of antibiotics. Apparently, the antibiotics are working. So he may still need surgery but the last report that I got was that things were looking up and that he was doing a lot better and hopefully going to make a full recovery.” (quotes courtesy of