AEW’s Fight Forever video game said to have been “a very successful launch”

During an interview with, AEW President Tony Khan commented on the AEW Fight Forever video game…

“I’m very excited. The game has been a very successful launch. We’ve made great revenues back. Also, we’ll have Stadium Stampede mode coming soon to Fight Forever. The video game, which is the aforementioned title we were just talking about and has been a great success for us. A very great launch in our first video game ever, which is a great new revenue stream for a company that’s less than five years old.”

“There are great new revenue streams opening up to us. The video game space is very exciting. We’ve got great action figures. T-shirt sales are going to be through the roof when we go to Wembley Stadium. I’m bringing a lot of shirts, I can assure you, and we’ve got a lot of very exciting revenue streams.” (quotes courtesy of