AEW world champion MJF sends a public message out to WWE’s Logan Paul

Earlier this month, ESPN published a list of the top professional wrestlers under the age of 30 in 2023 and AEW world champion MJF was critical of it. On Wednesday, MJF sent out the following public message out to WWE’s Logan Paul via Twitter/X…

“Yo Logan Paul

I’m a big fan and I heard you were very upset with your ranking in the ESPN top 30 under 30. I couldn’t agree with you more, the list was flawed. What the hell is a Vikingo?!? Would love to come on Impaulsive [Logan’s podcast] and talk about the list as well as the fact AEW is about to run the biggest show in the history of the sport on aug 27th! Hopefully your boss and our mutual friend Jolly old Saint Nick [Khan] will allow it!

P.S. I wrote this whilst sipping on a prime.

Yours sincerely.

– Numero uno, MJF”