AEW submits a DMCA copyright notice to Twitter/X in regards to a video clip published by Ariel Helwani

During the April 10th 2024 edition of AEW Dynamite, The Young Bucks (Matthew Jackson & Nicholas Jackson) presented backstage footage of CM Punk’s backstage altercation with Jack Perry from AEW All In 2023. The footage, which contained no audio, showed Punk approaching Perry and the two had words for several seconds. Punk attacked Perry and things were quickly broken up.

Ariel Helwani of The MMA Hour, who interviewed Punk last week, published a video that included the backstage footage along with his own interview footage of Punk describing the incident with Perry. AEW ended up submitting a DMCA copyright notice to Twitter/X and Helwani’s video was pulled from the social media outlet with the message: “This media has been disabled in response to a report by the copyright owner.”

Helwani noted that his account was temporarily locked by Twitter/X in the following message…

“Not very nice. Some lawyer out of Jacksonville got my account locked momentarily and DMCA’d the video I posted, which contained CCTV and interview footage from my show (just felt like the CCTV needed some narration, you know).”