AEW star sets the record straight about why he has been absent from television

AEW star Rush recently revealed that he suffered a torn hamstring in his second match of the AEW Continental Classic tournament. Rush finished the tournament and wrestled at the 2023 Worlds End PPV event.

Over the weekend, wrestling blogger @RobViper posted the following messages via Twitter/X…

“While Rush is pushing an injury as the reason for his AEW absence recently, little bro didn’t get the memo & after last night’s Arena Neza show Dralistico told the media both of them have visa issues preventing them from working in the US currently.”

“Neither have worked in the US so far this year although I have heard the issue should be cleared up sooner rather than later. Visa issues can be tricky. My apologies to the lucha vloggers running with the ‘CMLL is blocking the Munoz~!’ clickbait.”

Rush issued a response to @RobViper…

“I was injured as confirmed by AEW doctors. Now I am recovered, I had a visa with someone else and now in the process of getting my visa through AEW. Stop posting bullshit for fucking likes. I don’t ever lie about injuries.”