AEW star says CM Punk returning to WWE was “a touch of heartbreak and happiness”

During an appearance on Busted Open Radio, Thunder Rosa gave her thoughts on CM Punk returning to WWE…

“People were blowing up my phone. ‘Did you see what happened?’ ‘No, I was working.’ I have to confess, it was a touch of heartbreak and happiness. I love Phil, as a person. I want him to be successful. I wish things would have gone completely different and that he was still working with us. I’m really happy that he is fulfilling his dream because he loves professional wrestling and he has a very strong passion for professional wrestling.

Working with Phil, in my perspective, I’m talking about me, it has been positive, and enriching. I really feel we all deserve second chances, I firmly believe in second chances. This is a way that, everybody needs to recognize that Phil has had many chances and this is his last chance in professional wrestling. A lot of people thought it was never going to happen and it was a huge surprise.” (quote courtesy of Jeremy Lambert)