AEW star says All Out 2022 post-show media scrum was “heartbreaking” and “embarrassing”

At the AEW All Out 2022 post-show media scrum, CM Punk blasted Adam Page and Colt Cabana just prior to a backstage altercation between Punk and The Elite. While speaking to Brandon Walker on the Rasslin’ podcast, AEW star Britt Baker commented on the incident…

“Speaking solely on what I watched because that’s all I saw and the scrum and what I heard. As some who loves AEW more than anything in the world and has so much pride and at a time where it felt like something special. Some of the biggest names in professional wrestling were all fighting for the same team. Especially after a huge pay-per-view, that pay-per-view was amazing, one of the biggest houses we’ve ever had. That scrum was heartbreaking. It was embarrassing and it was disappointing because, it felt like, in this moment in time, it felt like a disaster. You never want that happen and it happens every day. There are days I stub my toe in the dental office, ‘oh my God, this is a disaster.’ You never want that feeling. That was a time in AEW where I was like, ‘this sucks.’ Just me speaking personally, I think the scrums are cool because it’s after a pay-per-view and you get to speak to these wrestlers and there is a lot of emotion and they get to talk to you about what’s going on in the ring, their feelings, their storylines. It humanizes these larger than life wrestlers. That time needs to be used proactively and responsibly. If I sit here and tell you nothing but everyone I hate, everything I’m mad at, or all the Twitter lies about me and debunk them, that’s not proactive. It would be selfish of me to use your time and the world’s time like that. I would rather put over the pay-per-view and all the awesome stuff in AEW. Is that other stuff there? Of course, are there people I don’t like? Of course. Are there things I don’t like? Of course. I’m still a soldier for AEW, I’m on the front lines, and I’m going to put it over.”

“What I can say is that AEW is still a special place and maybe that was a little wrinkle in the fabric, but we ironed it out and we’re still a super strong company and family. People don’t realize, without the Bucks being here, there is no AEW. The first person Tony Khan called was Matt Jackson. Then he got Nick Jackson, he got Kenny and Hangman, and eventually Cody (Rhodes). If you can watch AEW today and say, ‘I love AEW, but I want the Young Bucks out of there,’ you’re completely losing the whole point. The Young Bucks are literally the foundation before anybdoy else came in, and Kenny, of course. It’s sad to see a lot of people, and I’m a little biased because I feel us originals are a unified family. I always want what’s best for business, but I think with all people involved, you have to take everyone’s mental health and their emotions into play. I hope people take that into consideration before they jump to Twitter and jump to conclusions and have to vocalize their opinion on everything in the world. When you’re just reading these rumors about you, that people swear are true, but they’re not true, it breathes venom inside you where all you want to do is burn it all down. The best and hardest thing you can do is take the high road. Very rarely do you regret taking the high road. It sucks, there are a lot of times I don’t want to do it and times where I haven’t, but it’s my advice for everybody in the business. Please, take the high road.” (quotes courtesy of Jeremy Lambert)