AEW star comments on the controversial portrayal of Ric Flair in The Iron Claw film

During his podcast, AEW star Matt Hardy discussed the film The Iron Claw about the Von Erich wrestling family. In the movie, Aaron Dean Eisenberg portrayed Ric Flair and his performance was criticized by some fans and people in the wrestling industry.

Here is what Matt had to say about the controversial portrayal…

“It’s funny because most people were pretty close, they either resembled or they had it down really good as far as the character they were playing specifically. The Von Erichs, I thought they really picked good actors and they all turned in great performances.

The more I watched [the Flair clip] back, it was very much not like Ric. I feel like it could have been closer but at the end of the day, I feel like someone that is a casual fan that doesn’t give a shit about pro wrestling, it doesn’t make a difference to those people. I think the people who got their pantys in a wad are just people that are die hard wrestling fans, like, ‘C’mon, I can do better than that.’ It’s one of those things, it would have been nice if it sounded and looked more like Ric Flair in some ways, and had the provato that Ric Flair has, the charisma that Ric Flair has, and says Woo the way he says Woo. Because this guy didn’t necessarily do that, but he was the representation of the character and it was a little fun character.” (quote courtesy of Skylar Russell)