AEW star calls out MJF’s promo from Dynamite and calls it “big Katie Vick energy”

During the Feburary 8th 2023 edition of AEW Dynamite, world champion MJF cut a backstage promo and told a story about a girl he knew in high school that he named “Liv” for legal purposes. MJF said the following about them getting into a car accident…

“I looked down my hands were covered in blood and I looked at my sweet Liv, her head had cracked my windshield. She was not moving at all and I put my finger underneath her nose and thank God she was breathing. Then off in a distance, police sirens began to roar.”

“I’m the type of guy who grabbed Liv’s lifeless body and switched seats with her so when the cop showed up I wasn’t the one driving.”

AEW star Eddie Kingston wrote in response to the promo, “So how long was that long winded fake bullshit take from MJF?” On Thursday morning, Kingston wrote “Big Katie Vick energy last night” in regards to the promo.

Kingston then stated the following…

“Side note since we need to see his world champ 3 times within a hour and a half when it is a two hour show. Fuck ortiz fuck house of black and fuck the roster. Born aline die alone I tried. I don’t need anyone including mox and penta. Fuck everyone. Especially the ‘pillars'”